Do you want to be a moderator? [English]

  • Greetings fellow wolves.

    As some of you might have heard, we are currently in search for one or two more moderators. Someone who would be so kind and lift our burden, if you know what I mean.

    Requirements you should fulfill:

    · you may have to be older than 18 years

    · you should be well versed in English (written and spoken) – more languages are welcome

    · you should be active in our community (TeamSpeak and or Forum)

    · you are supposed to be a little acquainted with our community

    · you need to be communitive

    · you should be able to make sound decisions

    · you should be up for learning something new

    · you need an alternative communication method (something like WhatsApp, …)

    What will await you?

    · giving support on our TeamSpeak

    · you need to keep an eye on the forum and keep it clean

    · you will have to answer user questions

    · user management

    · enforcing right and order on the TeamSpeak and on the Forum

    How do you apply?

    Create a thread in the forum and introduce yourself in a small and engaging application. Preferably in one in which you describe why you want to apply to be a moderator and why we should pick you.

    If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact our Mod team AniTrIeS or Pantalaemon for every non-German application,

    Candy or AniTrIeS for a German application).

    We thank you for your interest and wish you the best of luck for your application!

    “Immortality is not an eternity of looking back and regretting all the things you could have done; as an alicorn your past will always be finite, your future infinite. Mathematically, you could even say you will always have your entire life ahead of you.”

    - Princess Celestia of Equestria (Sharing the Night - Fimfiction - Chapter 2)

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