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    Heyho meine Lieben...

    Wir haben vor ein paar Wochen eine Umfrage gemacht, ob wir unseren Community Minecraft Server eher mit Mods oder eher ohne Mods gestalten sollen. geht um ein City Build Projekt, wo wir auf verschiedenen Welten und mit verschiedenen Arten und Weisen (Grundstück, Freebuild, Themepark,...) ein paar Minecraft Welten bebauen wollen.

    Da ihr in der Umfrage für die Mods gestimmt habt, welche euch helfen sollen zu dekorieren, schöner zu bauen,...etc, hoffen wir auf ein wenig Imput von euch...

    Was für Arten von Mods wünscht ihr euch?

    Postet einfach mal deren Namen unter diesen Beitrage. Dies würde uns schon ziemlich weiter helfen.

    Mit Freundlichen Grüßen, die Leitung.

    Dear SneakyWolves-Community

    Another year has reached it's end and has now gone by, 2018 we will remember you!

    Even though, I cannot talk over the whole span of the year, I can talk over the time since I am member of our little community here.

    You know, since I am part of SneakyWolves, my year was definitely a brighter, a happier one.

    It is a great honor for me to watch our community grow and thrive under the gentle care of my dear friends Kai, Pierre, Adrian, Marcel, Lou, Dennis ... and essentially everyone who is either part of the leader group of Sneakywolves or who is one of our members.

    We have gained many faces over the year and I can proudly present SneakyWolves as it stands today.

    I know we have come a long way, and I can assure you, we will continue with our progress.

    The loving care I have seen here is something we can cherish and I am proud to say that I helped along.

    But we wouldn't be able to do so if it weren't for you, yes you! You there in front of the screen reading this text.

    A community is all about its members and those who participate in it.

    So, thank you for your support!

    I have seen many people over the years, even though I am only 20 years old, but I know good people when I see them and I can proudly say there is not one person who comes to mind that is not a good person in our community!

    Everyone is doing their best, and I know it!

    In the year 2018 we came far, but we have planned so much more:

    We want to expand the forum,

    We want to finally bring out our own website,

    We want community events,


    I bet there are things that I even forget right now, the heck, I am winging this right now :D


    Thank you! Thank you everyone.

    And I am sure I can speak for the whole staff when I say:

    I / We wish you the very best and a wonderful year 2019!



    The year 2018 is gone now, we will miss you. LONG LIVE 2018!

    Welcome 2019, may it be great!

    Hey herzlich wilkommen bei uns in der Community. :) ... Ich werde dein aliegen einmal vortragen ... dies wird bis maximal 1 woche dauern, auch wenn ich glaube ihr müsst mal ganz dringend mit Linkai reden ... du hast die S-Bombe Gedropt XD ... da wird er sicher gleich in action springen und euch retten :P

    Wie dem auch sei, ich werde mich bei euch melden in naher zukumpft, wenn sich etwas ergibt ... oder ein andere Moderator / Admin.

    Freundliche Grüße, Nethiri

    Hello fellow Wolves! // Hi an alle Wölfe!

    This announcement will be held in two languages, I will first write the German one and then the English one, so please ... just scroll down if you do not understand German.

    =========( ( ( * * * ) ) ) ==========

    Einen Wunderschönen Guten Hallo an alle Wölfe da drausen

    Es ist mir eine Ehre, euch ein Pojekt vorstellen zu dürfen, was zwar in der Realität schon etwas älter ist, jedoch jetzt erst wieder Leben eingehaucht bekommt.

    Einen Space Engineers Server für SneakyWolves.

    Die Idee kam ursprünglich von mir, jedoch stellten wir das Projekt später einfach ein, aufgrund der fehlenden Community und dem daraus folgendem Verlust des Spielintresses. Auf Grund der Tatsache, dass ich in Kentniss gesetzt wurde, dass einige Spieler unserer Community das Spiel jedoch entweder wieder angefangen oder generell nun spielen, habe ich den Entschluss gefasst, das Projekt neu zu starten.

    JEDER Wolf, welcher Intresse daran hatt mit auf dem Community eigenen Space Engineers Server zu spielen, darf dies gern tun. Die einzige Vorraussetzungen sind jedoch, auf die Whitelist des Servers gesetzt zu werden.

    Um auf diese Whitelist zu gelangen, muss der Spieler (oder die Spieler Gruppe) sich lediglich in der Steam-Gruppe:


    Als Member registrieren.

    Im Anschluss wird darum gebeten, einen der folgenden Leute zu konntaktieren, entweder via Ts3 oder via Forum / Steam, um in die Gruppe eingeladen zu werden.

    Ansprechpartner 1: Sever Verwalter*: Nethiri

    Ansprechpartner 2: Server Admin*: Jayger

    Ansprechpartner 3: Server Admin*: Priken

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Nethiri snwo

    *Die Server Rollen sind unabhängig von denen des Forums / des Teamspeaks und beziehen sich lediglich auf die Steam Gruppe und das Ingame!

    =========( ( ( * * * ) ) ) ==========

    Greetings to all fellow Wolves out there!

    It is an honor for me to introduce you to a project, which is a bit older in reality, but is now brought back to life after some time.

    A Space Engineers server for Sneaky Wolves.

    Originally the idea came from myself, but we shut down the project after a while due to lack of community interest and the therefore following dwindling game interest. But because it was brought to my attention, that some of you out there either started playing this game again or have began to play it at all, I decided to give the almost forgotten project another go and restart it.

    Therefore EACH Wolf willing to play Space Engineers on our Forum Intern SpE server is free to do so, if you so desire. The only thing you have to do is, you simply have to join the Steam Group:


    to be added to the Whitelist.

    After applying to the Steam Group itself, you simply have to come into contact with one of the following people to get accepted:

    Contact 1: Server Caretaker*: Nethiri

    Contact 2: Server Administrator*: Jaygar

    Contact 3: Server Administrator*: Priken

    Best regards, Nethiri snwo

    *The Server roles are separate from those of the Forum / TeamSpeak 3 and matter only in the Steam Group and ingame!

    Hey everyone!

    If you are interested in Planetside 2

    and you by chance play on Cobalt - TR

    Then we would love to welcome you in our Outfit "Sneakywolves"

    We are by far just a cashual collection of people, but we would like to house you anyway.

    We are sometimes playing together with our streamer, friend and Project-leader Linkai and so you would have the chance to participate in such an event.

    If you are intrested, please contact apply in Planetside or ask me or Kai directly though the forum and or Teamspeak.

    We furthermore hope to build up a community there and make our own Platoon someday.

    Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing you on Auraxium :D

    Greetings fellow wolves.

    As some of you might have heard, we are currently in search for one or two more moderators. Someone who would be so kind and lift our burden, if you know what I mean.

    Requirements you should fulfill:

    · you may have to be older than 18 years

    · you should be well versed in English (written and spoken) – more languages are welcome

    · you should be active in our community (TeamSpeak and or Forum)

    · you are supposed to be a little acquainted with our community

    · you need to be communitive

    · you should be able to make sound decisions

    · you should be up for learning something new

    · you need an alternative communication method (something like WhatsApp, …)

    What will await you?

    · giving support on our TeamSpeak

    · you need to keep an eye on the forum and keep it clean

    · you will have to answer user questions

    · user management

    · enforcing right and order on the TeamSpeak and on the Forum

    How do you apply?

    Create a thread in the forum and introduce yourself in a small and engaging application. Preferably in one in which you describe why you want to apply to be a moderator and why we should pick you.

    If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact our Mod team AniTrIeS or Pantalaemon for every non-German application,

    Candy or AniTrIeS for a German application).

    We thank you for your interest and wish you the best of luck for your application!