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    Liebe Wölfe und Wölfinnen,

    Ihr entschuldigt mich, ich werde auf Englisch schreiben <3

    I have a few ideas to throw around regarding growing the community memberbase, specifically to encourage sign-ups to the forum and active participation. I hope to not sound presumptuous and I'm sure what I have to say is nothing new, just drawing on past experience.

    I'll start by saying that to understand the success of a community is to recognise the reasons why the average gamer always returns to it. Friendship is an obvious one, but beyond friendship what makes us a place to stay?

    Personally I see three elements which I would describe as routine, unification and exclusivity.


    Regular scheduled events and local/in-house tournaments

    These should be adhered to as much as we possibly can. If someone knows what he/she will get on a given day from our Teamspeak, this could be the difference between sporadic visitors and regular visitors. And not to forget that if the experience is favourable, often newcomers will invite their friends to join in too.


    Encouraging the various pockets/groups within Sn. to play together sometimes

    Also worthy of mention. Through server pop-up messages, private messages or simply going in a channel and politely asking. Groups using the TS server as their home is nice even if they choose not to sign-up or become a part of the bigger picture, although eventually I feel they should be encouraged to integrate and be more involved.


    What we can offer that others cannot

    Be it small prizes for event/in-house winners or recognition via the main site (perhaps through a PHP database-driven 'High-score board'/Ranking system or something similar). Everyone loves their moment in the spotlight :)

    As you can see, these three elements also go hand-in-hand with each other. Beyond these, I think there could be an emphasis on current wolves to invite their friends on various gaming platforms to join in the fun. Admittedly this is harder said than done.

    SneakyWolves is in a unique position in that its foundation is strong and we have the leadership in place to grow at a pace we are comfortable with. For most other communities it is the exact opposite!

    With that said, I would put my words into action and hereby offer to help the community/event managers in the organisation and participation of any events to the best of my ability.

    Thanks for your time and sorry for the essay! I look forward to hearing your response.

    Best Regards,

    Scott snwo